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Worship Committee

Chairperson: Viola Prater
Session Rep: Viola Prater

The Worship Committee is a committee of the Session and is composed of a chairperson, a Session representative and members from the congregation at large.

The Worship Committee is responsible for assisting the pastors and staff in the design of worship services. This includes music, special worship services and ecumenical services. The committee provides oversight of the acolyte and the serving of Communion. It collaborates with the Sacraments and Worship Committee of the Board of Deacons.

Prayer of Morning Resolve

I will try this day, to live a simple, sincere and serene life, repelling promptly every though of discontent, anxiety, discouragement, impurity and self seeking; cultivating cheerfulness, magnanimity, charity, and the habit of holy silence; exercising economy, in expenditure, generosity in giving, carefulness on conversation, diligence in appointed service, fidelity in every trust, and a childlike faith in God.

In particular I will try to be faithful in those habits of prayer, work, study, physical exercise, eating, and sleep which I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me to be right.

And, as I cannot in my own strength do this, nor even with a hope of success attempt it, I look to thee 0 Lord, God my father, in Jesus Christ my savior, and ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit for today.

From the Brothers of St. Ignatius and Rev. Elaine A. Schoepf of Bay Shore Congregational Church, Long Beach, California

Prayer is vital to our faith walk with God. The Prayer Ministry at Faith Community supports this aspect of our community life in two important programs:

Prayer Link

The Prayer Link Members of our congregation are invited to pray together regularly for the common life of our congregation. We have met routinely between services on the second and fourth Sundays in the Senior High classroom to pray for the work of each of our church's committees, staff and programs. We have also occasionally met informally at other times for fellowship and prayer. Those who are interested can also be "linked" together confidentially by e-mail to pray for individual congregational members' needs and for the Joys and Concerns expressed at Sunday Worship Service. We plan an Adult Education program in May on the topic of prayer. Marianne Simancek is the current contact person for the Prayer Link. She can be reached at 248 348-1349 or

Prayer Partners

Occasionally we all may have needs that are too deep to express fully during the Joys and Concerns at the Sunday Worship Service. Following each Worship Service, a prayer partner is available in Rev. Henderson's office to pray individually and confidentially with anyone who desires this support. There are currently eight members of our congregation who participate as Prayer Partners. Tom Anan is the current contact person for the Prayer Partners. He can be reached at 248 347-2457 or

The Cats and the Fidler

The musical group "The Cats and the Fiddler" will be joining in worship on Sunday July 13. Carmen, Shaun and James are very gifted 13 year old blue grass musicians with a wonderful testimony in music. They have received rave reviews for their appearances at churches, bluegrass festivals and concerts during their performing career of the past 7 years.

Scenes from Faith Worship Services

Children's Message Sermon
Catharine McCloskey-Turner,
delivers the "children's message" during
a Sunday worship service. Children and
teachers go to Sunday school classes
following the children's message.
Dr. Richard J. Henderson delivers
the sermon during a Sunday worship

Easter Cantata

Faith Orchestra and Choir present Easter Cantata.
Ray Shuster leads the congregation and choir in singing a hymn.

Links to Groups and Committees

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