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About the Stained Glass Windows

Each stained glass window is symbolic and holds its own beauty. The order in which the windows appear has significant meaning. Start from the top left and follow to the bottom; move across to the right and up to the top to see the progression of biblical events captured in these symbols.
  1. Christ coming into the world.
  2. The effect that Christ's coming has on us, our lives and our response to it.
  3. Christ's crucifixion, resurrection, and the new life that is given to each of us.
The yellow rays in each window are symbolic of the sun's rays beaming out from the center of the cross, behind where the cross actually intersects. The blue represents the sky.

God Sent light into the world. It signifies Jesus' birth and epiphany. The butterfly is a sign of new life. It is the symbol of hope as a result of Christ's resurrection.
God came into human history in the person of Jesus. It is the symbol of God the Creator. The cross symbolizes death. The empty cross signifies Christ's resurrection.
The dove represents innocence and purity. It symbolizes the coming of the Holy Spirit and God's spirit in the world. The crown of thorns symbolizes Good Friday and Jesus' suffering.
The Bible is the written account of the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is the Word of God. Through Christ's Baptism and our own baptism in his name, water represents the cleansing of the past, the forgiveness, and the opportunities for new life in Christ.
Jesus said to his disciples, "Be fishers of men." It is the call to each of us to be evangelists and bring people into the church. At the Lord's Supper Jesus said of the wine, "I am the vine. You are the branches." Jesus said of the wheat bread, "this is my body, broken for you."
Each of us carries Christ with us in our heart. It shows care, compassion and fellowship for others because of what Christ has done for us. The palm symbolizes Palm Sunday, the triumphal entry into Jerusalem and the praise of Jesus Christ.
The ark represents the formation of the church. Christ calls people together and into community with each other. Christ is the Lamb of God. It symbolizes the sacrifices Christ has made on our behalf.

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