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A Different Perspective January 2017

by Catharine McCloskey Turner

I used some of my nativity sets this year in the 6:00PM Christmas Eve Service and in the Christmas day service. I had some anxiety about the plan because it involved lighting a total of nine candles. My concern of course was about the possibility of people including myself accidently knocking over a candles. "It Only takes a Spark to Get a Fire Going."

But I stayed with the plan because I felt the message was important. Jesus is The Light of the World. Like the nativities we people are affected by that Light differently. Sometimes The Light draws attention to us; sometimes the Light reveals details that were previously unnoticed; and sometimes The Light moves us to action.

I was pretty satisfied with the clarity and meaning of this message. Then like everybody else I went home and opened my gifts. This year my family got me another nativity. It is "a hipster nativity so the millennials can relate."

The stable has a solar panel on the roof. The wise people are on Segways with the gifts packed carefully in Amazon shipping boxes. And Mary and Joseph (complete with man bun and smart phone) are posing for selfies.

There may be words in that last paragraph that you don't understand and that is the point. As the church we must allow ourselves to continually be challenged by the world around us. The gospel is for everybody. All people should feel welcome. All people should be served by this Faith Community. If you feel challenged by the message of this nativity it is because it comes from a Different Perspective.


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