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Musings January 2017

by Richard J. Henderson

Both of us are moving into a scary and exciting time. Neither of us knows exactly what the future will hold, even though we understand that important changes will be taking place. Not many of us are fond of change, although we certainly understand that change is one of the only things we can count on. The situation is going to be different for you and for me. Life will be taking a new turn, but it also has the potential to be very good.

This is also an exciting time. The congregation is moving into the next phase of its life. New adventures lie ahead. The church will grow in new ways. The transition between pastors is an important time for the congregation to rethink who it is, what it wants to do, and what is most important. You probably will be asked to weigh in on what parts of the life of our congregation are most important to you, what you think we do best, and what you would like the church to be doing in the future. I hope you will not only offer your thoughts in those discussions, but be involved in helping Faith Community grow in the years ahead.

You are needed now more than ever before. Your presence has always been important and valued and now your church family especially needs your help. Your insights, leadership, financial support, attendance, and involvement are more critical now than ever. Please offer your input, share your ideas, and help your church family through this important time in its life. I urge you to help your congregation continue to grow in these exciting days ahead.

The next few months will be important for the life of the congregation. We have always been fortunate to have strong leaders in this church, and the team that is coordinating the transition process has laid out a solid and ambitious plan for moving ahead carefully. Their plan will move Faith Community through this process thoughtfully, and intentionally. So far they are right on schedule. I encourage you to help and support that process in whatever way you can.

In the next few weeks an announcement should be made about who the interim pastor will be. I hope you will welcome the new interim and offer your support during the transition. If you haven't been in church for a few months, please come to meet the new pastor. If you haven't been really active lately, this is a great time to get involved again and provide your encouragement.

You have the opportunity to help shape the future of Faith Community. You can be part of writing the next chapter in the history of your church. I hope you won't miss the opportunity.


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