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October 2017

Here's an interesting thought that just came to me: in my 40+ years in this business, Faith Community is the only church I've served in which many of the founding members are alive, well, and actively involved. My guess is that only a relatively small percentage of other Presbyterian churches can claim that same distinction.

It seems a bit ironic that such a milestone is accompanied by an interim period in pastoral leadership, but I guess that just makes us all the more special! Be that as it may, so much of your identity and heritage come from the long term faithfulness of your former pastor. One more example of how special this community is.

There's a passage in the Psalms that reads, "Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for humankind!" (Psalm 66:5) In that spirit of "show and tell," our big celebration coming up on Sunday, October 1 will serve as a witness to God's goodness over the years, and a renewal of commitment for the years to come. Don't miss it.

So happy birthday, Faith Community! It's an awe inspiring thing to do life together like this.

Your Friend
Dan Michalek

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9/27/2017   mfc