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July and August 2017

Brother Lawrence was one of the great spiritual writers of the 17th Century. His greatest legacy is a book entitled, The Practice of the Presence of God, a collection of teachings devoted to his belief that all of life is filled with God's presence and that it's up to us to cultivate an awareness of that reality and live all of life in recognition of it.

Brother Lawrence felt that he could worship God in his kitchen as effectively as in the greatest cathedrals of the world. Hence his belief that God was "Lord of the pots and pans" that he worked with. Even the simple act of picking something up off the ground was a testimony to God's love.

Imagine for a moment the richness of a life like that. Then consider the possibility of your living such a life. Of course it's a discipline, but one that brings incredibly rich rewards with it. Also, of course, it's a lifelong enterprise filled with disruptions and distractions, but God is praised nevertheless and you are strengthened.

So let your summer be filled with the practice of the presence of God. Make some notes as you go, share them with the rest of us, and together we'll become more of a Faith Community.

Your Friend
Dan Michalek

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