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May 2017

I've been on the job for just a month now, and already I've discovered how special this place and its people really are.

  • You have a well-designed, maintained, and strategically located building.
  • Music is second to none for a church this size, and even much larger.
  • Mission is a big deal here, what with your Guatemala outreach, food program, and so much more.
  • Lent and Easter were profoundly moving.
  • The celebration of your 40th year was thoroughly researched, and I'm looking forward to the big events yet to come.

It's all underscored by tremendously dedicated people. You're a hard working bunch! Already I've heard stories, seen so much activity and been part of countless conversations that have helped me feel welcome and excited about all that's ahead.

So, thanks for allowing me to share this journey with you, however long it may last.

Your Friend
Dan Michalek

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6/25/2017   mfc