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The Faith Community Church Journey
September 2017

For the past several months we have been celebrating the growth of Faith Community since it began 40 years ago. We have all experienced innovations in technology, excitement about the environment, changes in music and entertainment venues and the way we communicate with each other. Our Church has also experienced these changes and the challenge of keeping up with trends. Through celebrations over four decades, with foods, music and pictures, we have seen how the church has evolved with its focus on community, education, mission and membership. We have stepped out of the gymnasium of Village Oaks Elementary School into the building we share today.

To commemorate some of the 40 year Anniversary of Faith Community, you are invited to a fun-filled and commemorative dinner Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 5:30 pm at the church.

During this time we will recap the life of our church family since the date of the Charter learning about our "roots" within the Novi community and the future.

This dinner will be prepared for you through the generous proceeds from the Spring Rummage Sale and other gifts. Watch for more information.

The Anniversary Planning Committee would love to hear your story about your life in our church. Please contact any committee member: Tom Sumiec, Suzanne Everett, Ginny Mowbray, Nancy Rajala, Barbara Crawford, Ann Kowalczyk, or Marianne Simancek.

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