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Presbyterian Church USA

Administration and Budget Committee

Chairperson: Mike Church
Session Rep: Jim Ernst

The Administration and Budget Committee (A&B) is a committee of the Session and is composed of a chairperson, the church's treasurer, a Session representative and members from the congregation at large.

The A&B Committee is responsible for developing and tracking the budget, income and expenditures of the church. It counts offerings, publishes financial statements and reports, provides for an annual audit of the church's finances, and is responsible for the annual development and implementation of objectives for each committee of the church.

Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program

Faith Church is mortgaged through the Presbyterian Investment and Loan Program. Members of the congregation have the opportunity to invest this organization. Investments are similar to a Certificate of Deposit from a bank, and the financial benefits stay within Presbyterian Church USA to allow local churches to write mortgages at lower cost than through a bank, and investments by congregation members can help lower interest costs for Faith.

If you wish to invest in this program and support the church, please contact Mike Church for details. Click here to view investment types and interest rates.

Emma Chaffee Faith Enrichment Fund

The Emma chaffee Faith Enrichment Program is a special program which brings to Faith Community Presbyterian Church an exceptional speaker who will challenge our faith and inspire us for living our faith. Normally it is a 2 day program and may include the Sunday morning worship services.

This program began with funds left to the church by Emma Chaffee and responds to a life-long interest of hers. It was established in 1994.

Building and Property Endowment Fund

The purpose of this fund is to establish an endowment program to provide income to maintain our church's buildings and property.

Memorial Garden Endowment Fund

The purpose of this fund is to establish an endowment program to provide income to maintain the Memorial Garden.

Program Enhancement Fund

The Program Enhancement Fund provides for the enhancement of program activities at Faith Community Presbyterian Church. Any group or committee may apply for funding through this endowment to support special programs that have been developed. Preference will be given to newly developed programs, which must be approved by the Session.

Music Endowment Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide for the music ministry to assure it receives ongoing support.

Memorial Funds

The program provides a means for giving memorial gifts in the name of the donor, a loved one, or other persons/family named. These gifts are administered through the Special Gifts Fund.

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